Coffee is like paper


Coffee is like paper.

If you make it at home it will help you to settle down, it will amplify your senses, it will expand your personality and improve your creativity. Coffee will provide you with a blank piece of paper and a sharp pencil: “le café donne de l’esprit à ceux qui en prennent” Montesquieu, Lettres Persanes, XXXVI, 1721. 

Coffee is like paper.

If you serve it in your business, this will become a social space in which people can start talking and exchanging ideas. It will provide your customers with a "paper" exactly like the newspaper was once the main source and battleground of ideas. Your customers will now have a pen and a blank paper on which to write their experiences: “cose varie, cose disparatissime, cose inedite, cose fatte da diversi autori, cose tutte dirette alla pubblica utilità.” Pietro Verri, Frontespizio della rivista “Il Caffè”, 1764. 

Coffee is like paper, 

that we provide to you to help your brand management, to stimulate your business activity and help you achieve your goals. Coffee is like a blank piece of paper on which you will clearly write all your goals and projects, or like a spreadsheet on which you can record how each small increase in energy caused a big increase in your value: “the Priceless Ingredient”, Raymond Rubicam, pay-off per Squibb, 1920.