Miscela Gold 100% Arabica

Miscela Gold 100% Arabica


Eurocaf 100% Arabica coffee blend Gold is the result of an accurate selection of the best varieties of Arabica coffees from the hills of Central and South American countries. A delicate espresso, decisively well-balanced and with a full body. Particularly adapt for luxury cafés and pastry shops, able to fully satisfy the fine palates of “real experts”.


  • Description: roasted coffee bean blend.

  • Size: 1000g bag of coffee beans.

  • Use: professional use: specifically adapt for luxury cafés with highly trained personnel.

  • Packaging: polyester, aluminium e polyethylene with a valve.

  • Preservation and traceability: for expiry date and lot number see top part of product.

  • EAN code: 8017718000231

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