Tuberga Premium Quality Bio

Tuberga Premium Quality Bio


An exclusive blend of sweet and aromatic coffees coming from small organic farming lots respecting the environment without chemical substances or pesticides. Damaging insects to coffee plants are dealt with by integrating other types of insects and mineral, vegetal, and animal substances as well as resistant plants. This way the fertility of the soil is kept and enhanced with natural plant food and correct agronomic practices.

Tuberga Premium Quality “Bio” coffee, certified by EU norms with a QC – Organic Farming Certificate, is the perfect equilibrium between aroma and body, created to satisfy the taste of those who prefer a delicate and fragranced espresso with a superior, 100% organic quality.

  • Name: Tuberga Premium Quality Bio Organic Coffee

  •  Description: roasted organic coffee bean blend.

  • Size: 1000g bag of coffee beans.

  • Use: professional use: specifically adapt for luxury cafés with highly trained personnel.

  • Packaging: polyester, aluminium e polyethylene with a valve.

  • Preservation and traceability: for expiry date and lot number see top part of product.

  • EAN code: 8017718000224

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