Private LABEL

Coffee is a blank piece of paper, which our experience and our expertise will provide for you to plan your branding, to convey your message, to stimulate your business, drawing paper on which your projects will reach your customers with no interference, no refractions, to convey to them how important they are, a transparent sheet through which your

message will reach them without mediation to communicate exactly what you want to communicate, a spreadsheet where a cursor will record the improvements that your energy and your passion will produce on your value.

“The Priceless Ingredient”, Raymond Rubicam, pay-off per Squibb, 1920.

The quality of our coffee at the service of your brand

With the experience and skills gained in over 60 years of history, Eurocaf offers the chance to create a wide range of customer brand products.
Starting from the study of specially made coffee blends, the Eurocaf team will accompany you in the entire customization process of your product.

The high production capacity and the internal graphic studio of the company allow for maximum flexibility to guarantee the best service and satisfy your every request.


Blend or Single-origin

You can create your own blend or choose one to your liking from the wide range of Eurocaf and Tuberga coffees.

We will find out together which recipes best suit your needs. With the help of our team, you will be supported in the unique experience of tasting selected single-origins.



Establish one or more formats: 

  • coffee bean
  • ground
  • bags or cans from 125g to 1000g


We study and create the graphics of your products together.

Our team will be able to help you with decision-making, recommending the most suitable colors, the fonts to use, the positioning of the logo on the packaging, the text and much more.


Primary and secondary packaging

You will be able to follow each step of the production process including the primary and secondary packaging.

What they say about us

Feedback from some of our customers who buy Private Label

My feedback is more than positive. They guarantee a finished product that reflects my every need, from the graphics of the labels to the branded bag. They are always available and professional.

Distributor A. B.

I have worked with Eurocaf for several years now and the service has always been excellent. They offer quality coffee along with valid and customizable packaging.

Distributor F. R.

I had the opportunity to create customized blends with the help of industry specialists and the raw material is of the highest quality, properly certified. They are flexible, always present and are able to satisfy all my requests.

Distributor F. V.

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