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Certifications and quality policy


Eurocaf was founded in 1959 in Turin and has kept its tradition in coffee making ever since.

EUROCAF SRL is a company that has always aimed at meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers with a high quality coffee, guaranteeing not only quality and food safety standards, but also reliable services that add value for the customers.

Our production process starts with the procurement of the best origins, meticulously selected from the main producers in the world and purchased through reliable traders. Each green coffee sample is tested and classified in technical data sheets before arriving at the plant. The adoption of the slow roasting technique (about 20 minutes), at low temperatures (210/220 ° C) and the air cooling at the end of the cycle, allows to obtainin low humidity beans and insures the highest quality in the final product.

We have always pursued continuous improvement, dedicating ourselves completely to customer satisfaction, focusing on our after-sale service and on the search for sustainable solutions for the daily consumption of coffee. We also try to expand our sales network internationally with our two brands, Eurocaf and Tuberga Coffee, with the intention of transmitting and respecting the true tradition of Italian Espresso.

In response to the expectations of our most demanding customers, our company is committed every day to guaranteeing not only high quality standards but also food safety, by choosing a voluntary path (going further than the standard European legislation) of ISO certification 22000, the international reference standard for food safety.

In 1998 Eurocaf was one of the first Italian companies to obtain a certification for the production of organic coffee EU Reg. 2029/91 organic farming, and since then the Bio Eurocaf and Tuberga Coffee blends have been examined by several accredited certification bodies.

We offer our customers a wide range of high quality blends, single origins and the best organic coffees, made specifically for each channel of interest (Ho.Re.Ca., Vending and Private Label).

Furthermore, our branded production aims at the complete satisfaction of our client companies needs and in order to provide a complete service we offer:

  • Blend creation
  • Graphic design
  • Primary packaging design
  • Printing and labeling
  • Secondary packaging design

In conclusion, our company aims:

  • to grow in the market by consolidating the relation with customers and other stakeholders, focusing on product quality and customer service
  • to be able to consistently supply products and services that meet our customers requirements
  • to identify and address the risks and opportunities associated with the organizational context and its objectives
  • to implement a continuous and constant improvement in performance
  • to continuously innovate products and production processes
  • to involve our employees and share with them, through training, every aspect of the quality and food safety policy intended as an excellent tool for growth and continuous improvement
  • to improve communication with external stakeholders
  • to respond promptly to customer requests by being flexible and adapting to new market needs
  • to maintain our customers trust and acquire new ones and to do this we consider it essential to interpret their needs and satisfy them promptly in sales, design, production and delivery




The ISO 22000 Standard is a standard applied on a voluntary basis by food business operators. It was published by the ISO International Organization for Standardization in September 2005 (and updated in 2018) in order to harmonize pre-existing (national and international) standards on food safety and HACCP.

The ISO 22000 standard specifies the requirements for an organization that intends to demonstrate its ability to control food safety hazards, to constantly provide a safe product, in accordance with current regulations and customer requirements.

Bio organic coffee certified

logo biologico europeo

Our bio organic coffee blends eurocaf and tuberga coffee are compliant with norm reg. (ce) 834/2007.

Our coffee blends eurocaf and tuberga coffee are certified by QCertificazioni.